CREST Sexy Light SMB lightweight buoyancy bag with 15m spool set (smart mouth blowpipe and spool storage mesh bag)

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Unique global design, integrating explosion-proof valve and blowpipe

The volume of the buoyancy bag is greatly reduced, and the storage is more convenient!

CREST Sexy Light SMB Exclusively for you lightweight buoyancy bag

Dual-purpose inflatable, fast inflating speed, can use the bottom second stage to inflate and mouth inflate!
High-visibility SEXY yellow, 180cm slender appearance design, become the focus at sea!

It is made of 210D nylon with high durability, and the sea mark is conspicuous. It is equipped with an explosion-proof valve device and is not afraid of over-inflation!


Applicable: water surface marking
Inflation method: two inflation methods, mouth blowing inflation, bottom opening using the second stage head inflation
Length: 180cm / 5.90 feet
Width: 18cm / 0.59 feet
Total weight: 150g
Color: Sexy Yellow