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Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and has a unique geographical environment and climate, which is very suitable for diving activities.

The founder of the CREST brand – Brad, is a professional diving instructor and a top technical engineer. With his passion and persistence for the sea, he founded the CREST brand with the purpose of making diving activities no longer out of reach for the public and bringing the ocean to the public. spread the beauty to more people.

CREST has an exclusive team of top designers who are committed to developing a variety of safe and high-quality diving equipment. Among them, the research and development and production of diving computers are the main ones. From the overall structural design of the appearance to the data algorithm, they are exclusively developed by themselves. Through precise and accurate data Track responses to help you complete each diving adventure and add excitement to your life.

Since its establishment many years ago, CREST has not only enjoyed a high reputation in the industry, but also relied on its superb technology and craftsmanship to help OEMs of major well-known brands around the world to produce diving computer watches, demonstrating CREST's amazing technological excellence and striving to bring Taiwan's technological soft power to the forefront. Promote it to the whole world, and at the same time, it can also convey the beauty of the ocean to more people.




CREST adheres to its original intention and is committed to promoting the sustainable environmental protection of the ocean. It hopes to make diving activities no longer out of reach and strives to convey the beauty of the ocean to everyone.

We insist on completing the ocean journey of "adventure to peace of mind" with quality and innovation, allowing you to enjoy the fun of the deep sea, see the beauty of the ocean, and create excitement for life again and again.