CREST JUPITER Obsidian Diving Regulator Set

Sale price$12,990.00

style: DIN
set: 1st,Primary 2nd stage

CREST's latest regulator in 2021, CREST JUPITER, is a piston-balanced first-stage head, which is matched with an adjustable balanced second-stage head AC-20 series, pursuing a more natural and stable breathing experience.
The lightweight multi-port and universal swivel joint design is
suitable for training and travel, and can also meet various types of diving such as double-bottle and side-mount diving.

JUPITER is the king of the ancient Roman gods and also the god of lightning. The diamond facets on the exterior lead to the neat and streamlined appearance of the regulator, which complements the extreme speed brought by the JUPITER medium-pressure balanced structure.

The second-stage AC-20 series continues the unique modern aesthetics and lightweight structure design of the CREST regulator. The main second-stage is equipped with a universal swivel joint, allowing you to feel unrestrained like natural breathing underwater.