CREST CR-5 韌體更新公告 Ver. CR5058

CREST CR-5 韌體更新公告 Ver. CR5058
【New Mode 】
- Dive Spots Mode:Dive Spots and Navigation available now! ​
【DiveSpotsMode 3 Features ​】
🔸Dive Spot Navigation:Search and navigate to built-in* dive spots nearby. ​
🔸Add Spot:Quickly record your current location coordinates as your dive spot. ​
🔸My Spots: Add built-in spots to your favorites list or save your own spots. ​
Nearly 10,000 spots are available, download the spots after updating the firmware on DiveStory+ ​
【New functions 】
- Auto Altitude Diving icon indication ​
When entering a high altitude environment**, it will automatically switch to the Altitude Dive calculation. The Altitude Dive icon will be displayed on watch and dive mode. ​
**in the environment of barometric pressure lower than 950 mBar for more than 5 minutes ​
【Improvement 】
-  ​Improvement of “Twist to Next”: Press Mode Button to check more information no matter the “Twist to Next” function set as ON or OFF. ​
- Compass display improvement. ​
- ​Log improvement: Check your entry point*** information under Log mode. ​
*** ​This information only shows if divers have proper positioning on the surface before diving. It either shows built-in dive spots name if you have downloaded built-in dive spots data successfully or coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) if the dive spots are not yet built in. ​
If positioning on the surface before diving is not successful, it will show NO LOCATION. ​
- Fixing the occasional issue of activating diving mode when users descend rapidly. ​
— ​Download iOS & Android APP for CREST dive computer CR-5 “DiveStory+” to update now! ​
iOS(App Store): 
Android(Play Store):

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