CREST CR-5 Firmware Update Announcement Ver. CR5051

CREST CR-5 韌體更新公告 Ver. CR5064
The weather is getting hotter, are you eager to go into the water?
Don't forget to update the new functions of the CREST computer in addition to checking the equipment before going into the water!
Friends who use CR-5 and CREST's latest CR-LITE (CR-5L) diving computer, come and upgrade for free!
New Features and Improvement
-Diving mode displays real-time heart rate
-Display immediate heart rate during Diving
(Default default is OFF, if you want to turn it on, go to Settings > Set Dive > Dive HR and change the setting to ON!)
-Timer Improvement to 99 sets
-Dive Navigation Improvement
-Altitude Improvement
-CREST Exclusive Feature “Twist to Next” Improvement

CR-5: FW upgrade to CR5064
CR-LITE (CR-5L): FW upgrade to CRL064
Such a great optimization and upgrade, just download and use the APP "Dive Story+" to have it!
Let CREST take you to explore the new underwater world!

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After uploading dive points to the app, I can’t see them in the app and give them a name
will this be fixed by a firmware update?




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