CREST CR-5 韌體更新公告 Ver. CR5062

CREST CR-5 韌體更新公告 Ver. CR5062
- 擴大潛點模式之潛點搜尋半徑範圍!
- 優化待機行為,更極致省電
- 優化自潛紀錄顯示方式,更加清楚明瞭
- 定義更自由多元的清除與重置,更彈性符合您的需求
* 請看附圖說明
- 優化部分頁面與選單
【New Features and Improvement】
Expand searching radius range in Dive Spots mode!
- Standby mode improvement for ultimate power saving.
*see attached description
- User friendly Freediving logs display, easier to use and understand.
- A clearer and more flexible redefinition of Reset and Delete setup to fit your needs.
* see attached description
-Display improvement: Menu and display pages.
-Debug of Work-out mode: occasional exit debug.
New Year, New Firmware, Go Update!


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