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Dive computer and other gears for you to start the blue journey!

Scuba computers allow you to track:

Hiking, biking, running, swimming, work-out, and diving.


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2021 Milestone of CREST
CREST CR-5 Dive Computer

Designed, developed, and produced by CREST in Taiwan,
our new product “CR-5 Dive Computer” meets the needs of land and water sports in color.

CREST CR-5 inherited CR-4 diving experience
and cooperates with Taiwan’s leading triathlon brand “Marathon World” to present to you the best.

Reviews about CREST DIVING

    sea stingray

    Review from the customer of November 28th 2021

    Shih 2021-11-28

    If there is any problem, it will be dealt with immediately, and the service attitude is good.

    Review from the customer of May 13th 2020

    Sherryl 2020-05-13

    CR-4 dive computer – good Watch with a good price. Easy to use. RECOMMENDED!👌

    Review from the customer of March 22nd 2020

    Ian 2020-03-22

    The CR-4 dive computer satisfies the most basic needs of a recreational diver so far. No excessive features, hence a reasonable price.