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Scuba computers allow you to track:

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Hiking, biking, running, swimming, work-out, and diving.

“If we can make more people love the ocean as we do, the ocean is one step closer to becoming crystal clear.”

Brad Chen, the Founder and CEO of CREST

When choosing a smart watch, what is your goal: only dive mode or mode with different sports in everyday life?

Buying a computer for diving can be a daunting task, whether it is a first purchase or you are already an advanced technical diver. When choosing a device, there are many factors to consider: the desired sport modes, the weight of the device, features, and much more.

It can be difficult to find a computer that meets all needs or last a long time. However, we have solutions for you - go and find a watch to access your needs!


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Crest CR-5 Dive Computer

Seize the moment. Accept the challenge.

2021 Milestone of CREST
CREST CR-5 Dive Computer

Designed, developed, and produced by CREST in Taiwan,
our new product “CR-5 Dive Computer” meets the needs of land and water sports in color.

CREST CR-5 inherited CR-4 diving experience
and cooperates with Taiwan’s leading triathlon brand “Marathon World” to present to you the best.

Reviews about CREST DIVING

    sea stingray

    Review from the customer of November 28th 2021

    Shih 2021-11-28

    If there is any problem, it will be dealt with immediately, and the service attitude is good.

    Review from the customer of May 13th 2020

    Sherryl 2020-05-13

    CR-4 dive computer – good Watch with a good price. Easy to use. RECOMMENDED!👌

    Review from the customer of March 22nd 2020

    Ian 2020-03-22

    The CR-4 dive computer satisfies the most basic needs of a recreational diver so far. No excessive features, hence a reasonable price.

    CREST Watch Computers and Regulators

    Inspired by the Ocean

    CREST is the top of a mountain or the top of a wave. We design and build products with love and care, taking a bold approach developing innovative precision designs. Our gear is tested to ensure you always get quality, reliability and performance.

    The exclusive technology is based on the tracking of various functions, including gps, heart rate monitoring, it is unique in today's waterproof watch. Our latest sensors provide heart rate data detecting your maximum heart rate, giving you an alert during your workout. In addition, scuba computers feature a pedometer, compass, smart track, navigation and others.

    With our CREST dive watch, diving or any other sport is safer, also you are able to get more expressions with the help of CREST DIVING technology.

    Dive watch based on your needs

    Are you new in the world of diving or freediving? Or already a guru of the underwater world? Regardless of your skills, using waterproof watch will be an easy, enjoyable experience while diving. Our models provide the best diving experience, regardless of skill level, through a combination of innovation and rigorous testing.

    Finding the dive computer that is right for you, even if you do not have much experience. In addition, you can choose a suitable watch model based on other preferences in sports. Let us say, if you are buying a wrist computer just for scuba diving, the CREST CR-4 might be your best bet. However, if you are going running, hiking, biking or do work-out in addition to diving, then the CREST CR-5 is the best solution. With a large, easy-to-read full-color screen, the CR-5 will take diving and sports adventures to the next level.

    Scuba regulators and other accessories

    With unique modern aesthetics and lightweight structure design, all our diving regulator series pursue an ultimate natural and stable breathing feeling. In addition, we provide various accessories in our CREST store.

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