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CREST Dive Computer is covered by CREST’s limited warranty. Please refer to this product warranty for the warranty policy and details.


Limited liability warranty:

CREST provides a limited product warranty to the purchaser of a dive computer watch and dive computer watch accessories (hereinafter referred to as the Product).
During the period of the Product Warranty, improvements will be made at CREST or CREST authorized distributor or dealer location for possible defects in the hardware of the Product in accordance with the terms of this Warranty. These improvements may include free repair, replacement of the whole or part of the Product and repair at a charge, the details of which shall be at the sole discretion of CREST. This provision shall not apply where local regulations govern the rights of consumers.

This warranty is valid only for the country in which the Product was originally purchased and where the Product is duly authorized by CREST to be legally distributed for sale and service.

The Product Warranty Period shall commence on the date of purchase by the Consumer and the provision of official proof of purchase and the determination of the criteria shall be at the sole discretion of CREST. If the product meets the warranty conditions and free repair and replacement criteria within the warranty period, the original manufacturer will provide free repair and parts replacement and return the product to the consumer within a reasonable period of time. The consumer is still responsible for shipping charges to CREST authorized dealer locations or other service charges that may be incurred.

Details are as follows:

  • The main body of the dive computer is covered by a one-year conditional factory warranty (and a two-year conditional factory warranty in Taiwan)
  • The original warranty period will not be extended if the product is returned to the original factory for repair, replaced by a new/good product after repair, or resold.
  • If the repaired product is returned within three months after the warranty period, CREST will provide one free repair to protect the consumer’s rights and interests if the repaired product is in the same condition as the requested repair.


Exclusions and Limitations

This limited warranty does not cover:

  1. wear and tear arising from normal use.
  2. problems caused by collision with sharp objects, bending, crushing or dropping and other improper handling.
  3. damage or malfunction of the product caused by improper use in violation of the CREST factory rules/instructions (e.g. not following the product manual), and other actions beyond reasonable use.
  4. damage to the internal settings, data content or other data of the Dive Computer Meter. Whether it is the user’s manual that comes with the product or obtained by download, or software supplied by a third party, or even the user’s own data; problems arising from installation, assembly, or transportation.
  5. any failure caused by the use of services, software, accessories or any related products not provided by the original manufacturer; or any failure caused by the use of CREST products for purposes other than those for which they were originally designed.
  6. any failure caused by replacing the battery, disassembling and assembling the CREST Product by yourself.

The warranty shall automatically be terminated in the event that

  1. the serial number of the Product has been manually removed, altered, worn or defaced to the point of being unrecognisable
  2. the Product itself has been disassembled, altered, modified, or referred to a non-CREST authorized distributor or dealer for testing and repair.
  3. the product has been repaired with parts or consumables not supplied by the original manufacturer.
  4. the product has been exposed to chemicals, such as computer watches sprayed with mosquito repellent, chemical sprays containing ammonia or alcohol with solvents.


How to obtain CREST warranty service

To obtain warranty service, please review the customer service information in the manual or visit the original manufacturer’s website for assistance resources. The manufacturer’s website is www.crestdiving.com. To claim your warranty rights, please contact your local CREST authorised agent and distributor.

If the product meets the warranty conditions and free repair and replacement criteria within the warranty period, the original manufacturer will provide free repair and parts replacement and return the product to the consumer within a reasonable period of time. The decision to offer a product for repair or replacement shall be at the sole discretion of CREST or a CREST Authorized Dealer. If the warranty period has expired or the warranty conditions are not met or the free repair and replacement criteria are not met, the product will no longer be entitled to free service and CREST or a CREST Authorized Dealer reserves the right to charge a discretionary repair handling fee.

If a consumer finds a problem with a product, he or she must make a warranty claim within a reasonable period of time and request warranty repair rights by bringing the product to a CREST dealer location and requesting warranty repair. The consumer must provide: the name of the purchaser, contact telephone number, and proof of purchase. The proof of purchase must clearly state the product model number, product serial number, purchaser’s name, contact number, date of purchase, dealer information and other detailed information. If the consumer wishes to send the product by post for repair, please send the product together with the above information to the local CREST authorized distributor at your own cost.

In any circumstances, all warranty claims must be made prior to the expiration of the warranty period in order to claim warranty rights, and CREST cannot guarantee that the product will operate uninterrupted or error-free, or that the product will be compatible with hardware or software supplied by other vendors.

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