CREST CR-5 Firmware Update Announcement Ver. CR5051

【CREST CR-5 Firmware Update Announcement 韌體更新公告 VER: CR5051】


New functions 增加新功能:

  • ​省電! 靜置24小時後自動關機。​
    Power Saving! 24 hours Automatic turn-off.​​
  • 水肺潛水模式Scuba Mode 安全停留Safety Stop結束溫馨提示:震動二下 + 鈴聲提示一長聲 + CLEAR字樣閃爍二下。
    Notification for Safety time end: Vibrate twice + long buzz + CLEAR flickers twice.​
    *僅水肺模式 Scuba Mode only​

Improvement 優化與改善:​​

  • ​修正Freediving 深度顯示。​
    Freediving depth display debug.​​
  • ​修正使用「登山地圖 APP」無法匯入登山路徑的狀況。​
    登山地圖 Application: Hiking route import debug.​​
  • ​修正計步器步數不正常歸零的狀況。​
    Pedometers: the number of steps return to zero debug.​​
  • 優化功能鈴聲:Buzzer預設值修改為開啟ON。
    ​Modification: Buzzer default modified to ON.​​​

下載CR-5 專用的APP 「DiveStory+」來更新韌體!​
Download iOS & Android APP for CREST dive computer CR-5 ​ “DiveStory+” to update now!

iOS(App Store): https://apple.co/3mCgHDN
Android(Play Store): https://bit.ly/3DgwqOJ


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