CREST CR-4 Firmware Update Announcement SW: C01-5C

[New Function]​
-​HOLA!​ Now we support Spanish! Available in Chinese, English and Spanish.​
-​Icon for Auto Mode will display at Watch Mode for quicker identification.​ ​

-​Improvement for BUZZER and VIBRATION function! ​ Louder and Stronger!​

Please Note: ​ Auto fool-proof for Nitrox Setting is now cancelled. It will NOT automatically go back to 21% after 24hours.

Divers must check the setup of your dive computer before starting to dive and make sure the input is correct and in compliance with your dive plan.​


Please update your computer via app DiveStory!​
GOOGLE play store:
APPLE app store:

SW: C01-5C supports CREST CR-4 and CREST CR-2.


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  1. I have tried pairing my CR4 with the Bluetooth of my phone using 0000 and 1234 so I could update the firmware. Neither of these worked. Any other suggestion?

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